About FulTech University

FulTech™ and/or it's constituents have been involved in various technologies industries since 1989, and have developed many of the systems in use today. Many of our techniques are widely UNknown and UNder-utilized by others, and the products we service & support utilize the latest technology has to offer in each area of home automation. Our owners and officers consist of engineers & computer scientist and our board is made up of architects, business owners, attorneys, and bank officers. We are not marketing gurus or builders trying to sell you something you can all ready get. We're just intelligent people who understand existing and forthcoming technologies, and have the ability to weed out the here today, gone tomorrow technologies and promote the growth of the good technologies. This can save a new comer literally years of headaches on deciding which product(s) to go with for long term customer satisfaction. Which manufacturers will still be around to upgrade those products in several years? In addition to the higher educational aspects, we are familiar with all areas of home automation including structured cabling, video distribution, distributed audio, home theater, CCTV, lighting/appliance control, HVAC, security systems, home networks, high speed cablemodem LANS, Webviewing and control of integrated systems and more.

We have been Beta testing many products just hitting the market today for years, and constantly contact and are contacted by firms(large and small) interested in us beta testing or selling their product. We get the product, test it, analyze it, and integrate it into one of our existing systems. If it passes several test, proves to be end-user friendly, and technically sound, upgradeable, expandable, etc., Fultech will support and sell that product(s). There aren't many in this industry and those that are just emerging are struggling with this and other problems. This saves you the hassle and expense of buying and trying every new product available(and there are a lot of new products coming out all the time), based on the word of some salesman or rep.

This way, FulTech and it's licensees are able to use any number of products, made by any and all of the top manufacturers, and integrate each of them into one easy to use, customer friendly, system. If you as a dealer or end user find a new product or system, that we are not familiar with, and it fit's our profile and requirements, you get a bonus worth $$$s in products.

Crestron TPS-4500
The latest addition to Crestron's Isys family of products.

Crestron Isys™
Erasing the boundaries between the control system and touchpanel, between local and control with style.

Crestron e-Control™ With this technology, every electronic device in your home becomes an Internet appliance.