The Program

What does it offer??

     The Industries most comprehensive training
     Structured Cabling
     Systems Integration
     Systems Design/Estimating
     Home Automation
     Remote/Internet control

     Use of Trade Marks and Service Marks of FulTech
     use of FulTech's "Universal Cabling System" (Patent Pending)
     use of the FulHouse method of home automation

Product Support
     beta testing products before coming to market
     Which products integrate well with others
     Produce Procurement and distribution lines
     Custom Programming for Crestron, PHAST, and more, available

Name Recognition
     Name brand
     Instant Respect
     Professional distinction

Business Support
     Basic business modeling
     Legal Contracts for clients and builders
           Accounting software pre-formatted for your business
     Professional business plans and proformas available

Sales and Marketing Support
     Sales techniques and assistance
     National ads to promote awareness
     Marketing Assistance
     Trade show guidelines
     Professional PR and Marketing support available

At FulTech University™, we've designed our training around actual field experience, not around a "new" business model. Having attended many of the industries "boot camps" and trade show "classes" over the years, we were repeatedly let down. Either we seem to get a sales pitch from a product manufacturer, shown how to setup and use a product "under perfect circumstances" and not integrated with anything, or there was so much information crammed into 1,2 or 3 days, it was impossible to benefit from it. Almost none of the training was hands-on or on a job site, and you were rarely taught anything about integrating more than one subsystem.

We developed the FulTech University™ and the College of Smart™ in 1998, to meet the demands of a growing industry, filling a critical need to installers.

Again, after several years in the business, FulTech developed our Universal Cabling System™/UCS™ (patent-pending). This allows the homeowner to upgrade from the basics to a full blown system, at any time, and over time. Which allows you to sell upgrades, for years to come. Again filling a critical need in the industry.

Years of product testing, brand mixing,and multiple systems integration have given us the fundamental understanding of how to wire a home for ALL systems and technologies available. We also understand how to integrate several subsystems together, using a variety of techniques and control systems.

We then developed a successful marketing scheme based on our local business, quality training, an exclusive structured cabling system, to represent and promote FulTech Solutions™ local FulHouse™ installation business, then on to promote the College of Smart™. We pass on these techniques and advertisements to you, the dealer installer.

Crestron TPS-4500
The latest addition to Crestron's Isys family of products.

Crestron Isys™
Erasing the boundaries between the control system and touchpanel, between local and control with style.

Crestron e-Control™ With this technology, every electronic device in your home becomes an Internet appliance.