FulTech™ Tech Support Center

FulTech University™ is the main "campus" for FulTech Solutions™ education and training. The University will cater to both professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. The College of Smart™ is designed for the professional, specifically FulTech™ authorized dealers.

Dealer Services:
Consulting - FulTech offers a full array of services and support for nearly every system available. From an initial consultation to review a system, to system "rectification" services, in which we complete or repair a system, not fully completed or poorly installed by an un-trained firm or do-it-yourselfer.

Systems Design - we can assist in the estimating and design of any home automation system. From structured cabling to the user interface, we can help price it, estimate labor, and design the ultimate system for the price.

System Programming - we offer custom programming for many different control systems such as Crestron, Panja/Phast, AMX, Stargate, JDS TimeCommander Plus, Xantech, and more. Also, we offer custom RS-232 and 485 control design and programming or configuration code, and preprogrammed modules for many systems.

Technical support services - for FulHouse Dealers and College of Smart graduates, and also to any dealers for a minimal annual fee. One of the most extensive databases of troubleshooting and technical information on the internet. Since starting in 1995, we have had the opportunity to evaluate, test and install nearly every system to date. In doing so, we have built a large database of information relating to a variety of products from many manufacturers.

FulHouse™ Dealers

Crestron TPS-4500
The latest addition to Crestron's Isys family of products.

Crestron Isys™
Erasing the boundaries between the control system and touchpanel, between local and control with style.

Crestron e-Control™ With this technology, every electronic device in your home becomes an Internet appliance.