Training Curriculum

College of Smart™ is offering individual, specialized, installer/integrator training classes. After completing these courses, you will get one of the certifications listed below. We are not sponsored by any manufacturer. We don't sell ANY products. We have nothing to sell you, but information, so you won't be learning about a single product or line.

Classes are scheduled according to dealers specific needs.
Limited to 10 students per class, or a single business with technicians.
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You can choose from any of the following classes, and earn one or more of the following certifications;
CCT - Certified Cabling Technician ™
CCS - Certified Cabling Specialist ™
CTS - Certified Telecom Specialist ™
CNS - Certified Network Specialist ™
CDS - Certified Distribution Specialist ™
CSD - Certified System Designer ™
CEA - Certified Electronic Architect ™
CSI - Certified Systems Integrator ™

Basic Structured Cabling Systems (6 hours)

Intermediate Structured Cabling (6 hours)

Advanced Cabling Systems (12 hours)

Introduction to Trim-Out (3 hours)

Advanced Trim-Out (6 hours)

Introduction to Punch Down (3 hours)

Intermediate Punch Down (6 hours)

Advanced Punch Down (12 hours)

Audio Distribution (12 hours)

Video Distribution (12 hours)

Introduction to Home Networking/LAN (12 Hours)

Introduction to Systems Integration (3 hours)

Intermediate Systems Integration ( 9 hours)

Advanced Systems Integration (12 hours)

Systems design/Estimating (9 hours)

Troubleshooting & Testing (9 hours)

The core and advanced classes, in addition to some specialized instruction can earn a degree:
Offering a Bachelor of Smart & Doctorate of Smart in home automation, and the opportunity to become a FulTech Solutions Provider

Now you can learn it all without having to sign up for any single BRAND of products, or become locked in to ONE of the many systems available in today's ever changing market. As a FulTech dealer you aren't locked in to any products or services, you just get training and support on just about every home automation product and system available.

You will learn :
Structured Cabling Systems
Systems design/Estimating
Electronic architecture
Systems integration
Troubleshooting & Testing
Available products & technologies
Product installation & overviews
Future product/technology Alerts!

We also provide dealers with:
Custom Programming - Crestron, JDS, Home Controls, HAI, OMNI, OnQ, AMP, AMX and more.

This is not a weekend course. A College of Smart™ trained professional leaves with a complete understanding of existing and future home technologies. We teach the fundamentals of home automation, whereby you can figure the "little" things out with your newly learned troubleshooting skills. Home automation is an ever changing and advancing industry, you must be able to grow and change with the progress's. Training on one or two components of the system or "manufacturers" training merely teach the strengths of the systems they are selling.

We offer a complete Turnkey system for dealers, from training and technical support, to product procurement & distribution, system design & programming, and customer sales & marketing. In 2001, we are beginning our national dealer ad campaign. These ads will be placed in the industries largest national periodicals, growing our FulHouse system name and bringing awareness of home automation and structured cabling to prospective clients so they know the "real" professionals to call when they want there system installed.

It couldn't be easier; learn the systems and techniques, hire some help, do the suggested initial marketing techniques we suggest, and in 6 weeks, you will have jobs lined up and still coming. Don't get us wrong, this is not a cake-walk nor a get rich quick scheme. This is very similar to becoming a general contractor(GC) for home electronics. Each home can be a very involved and high dollar process, and one must have the aptitude, attitude, and drive to own and run any business, especially one with this much techno/electro wizardry.

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